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moonlight solitude

all night, all alone the light of the quiet moon … moonlight solitude

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winter in spring

hazy moon rises up through the dead dark branches … like winter in spring

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grand twilight

grand twilight display earth and sky move with colors … now a bright moonrise

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midnight moon above

midnight moon above dispeller of midnight gloom … shines through the dark clouds

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bright moons dance

late night solitude bright moons dance about in dreams … holding hands by fate

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midnight moon

midnight moon, so bright woke me from a fierce battle … moonlight, so calming

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catch the moonbeams

curtains left open better to catch the moonbeams … quicksilver moonbeams

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while I dreamed

long as we could be … while I dreamed of silver moons she kept on the move

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riding companion

afternoon half-moon high over my left shoulder … riding companion

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