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moonlight moths

moths in the courtyard attracted to a night light … moonlight moths have flown

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bright moons dance

late night solitude bright moons dance about in dreams … holding hands by fate

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midnight moon

midnight moon, so bright woke me from a fierce battle … moonlight, so calming

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never set foot

never set foot on … but the moon shines as my soul and sings to my dreams

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wish you heard

someone is knocking and morning doves are cooing … wish you heard the new

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all reflections

walking down my street everything looks backwards now … it’s all reflections

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her motion blurred

thought her motion blurred one late night as I nodded … beyond box worthy

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night gloves removed

the night gloves removed dawn’s glow dreams a bright sunrise … birds and skies await

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the circle hunt

narrowing the gap on the circle hunt, spellbound … nothing but straight lines

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