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what the signs foretold

portentous nighttide so dark, yet fully glittered … what the signs foretold

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dark predawn

in the dark predawn loud trucks pass by on their rounds … night birds are singing

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turning in the night turning to face the dark light … turning very bright

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dawn breathes

dawn breathes glowing light inhaling the cold darkness … watchful of that moon

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a gentle spring breeze cools the twilight as it fades … glittering darkness

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the nightmares

the nightmares began soon after Godzilla left … he “is” suffering

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sooner or later

many dark secrets year upon year, the keeping … sooner or later

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over pixelated

death hid the echoes … he over pixelated and drew a flat line

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star’s return

nighttime home to stars … silently the dawn arrives brings one star’s return

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